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A lunch program operates for students who require this service on a regular basis. For ALL students coming to Brookside and stay at school for lunch or is not exempt students (bus students, Kindergarten students and Interaction students) the fee for the first half of 2021-2022 (September 2, 2021 to January 31st, 2022) is $17.50. The fee for the secnd half is at $19.25 (February 1 to June 28 2022)  This cost covers the hiring of adult supervisors for the classroom and outside during the lunch hour. Information is sent home or posted on SchoolZone by the end of September each school year. 

We do ask parents to remember to send the necessary utensils with their children. The school does not provide utensils.

NOTE:  we do not have microwaves in our school for heating lunches.

NEW IN 2021-2022 : 

It is important for students who stay at school for lunch to remember to bring their lunch each day — schools will not be able to accommodate family members who want to drop off lunches. If a student forgets their lunch, families should phone the school to work out a solution.

Students will store lunches with their other personal belongings.

All students must wash their hands before eating, and eat only their own food. Students are not permitted to share food under provincial health guidelines.

Schools will not be able to support any food being brought into the school through a food delivery service (such as pizza or Skip the Dishes).

At Brookside School:

● Students will eat lunch in the homeroom classes. Therefore they are eating with their Cohort group.
● Our classes will be grouped just as they are for recess and these groups will eat at different times during the lunch hour.
● One group will be eating while the other groups are outside playing in their class cohort designated play area spaces. A half or a third of the way through the lunch hour the groupswill switch and the next group will eat.